Sunday, February 23, 2014


     Aldous Huxley's novel Brave New World is set in a dystopian future where the World State creates humans in a very inhumane way. Through this process, society is able to create people who are trapped in social classes for their entire lives. Free thinking is discouraged to say the least and individuality is suppressed to the fullest extent. Amidst this culture of conveyor belt worshiping and drug induced happiness we meet a character that transcends his cohorts. Bernard Marx is an extremely intelligent and aware person in a world that demands conformity and through this contrast we see Bernard as a complex character living a very simple world. Due to this we see Bernard in two different lights; his need to conform and his inward questioning.
     Bernard works for the Director of Hatching and Conditioning (DHC) and disagrees with the core principles that drive the Director to do what he does. It would be unwise for Bernard to openly disagree and disrespect the DHC and doing so would probably end with Bernard being sent to Iceland. Bernard blends quite well because he has to. He is inwardly torn but he still behaves (for the most part) as a functioning member of the society that has been created. Bernard partakes in very normal activities such as flying a personal helicopter, chanting “Orgy-Porgy” with a group of adolescents, and observing Savages in their natural habitats. Although Bernard is a free thinker and a non conformist, but by obtaining a doubleness of character he can maintain a certain image and stay alive in A.F. 632.
     Bernard Marx is different in many ways starting with his stature and complexion. He is a strange looking boy who is shorter than most of the others in his caste. Everyone blames extra alcohol in his blood for the way he appears, they say something went wrong on the assembly line which caused him to turn out odd in appearance. No matter how much he tries (although there is never any reason to believe that he does try) he will never change the way he looks. Another distinction that Bernard Marx cannot hide is his own last name. While it does not cause any problems in the novel Huxley purposefully names this inwardly thinking character after the most famous Communist mind of all time. However, the rest of his “undesirable” characteristics are much less objective and when they are on display Bernard is a shocking character. He does shocking things like have conversations, look at the ocean, and limit his sexual promiscuity. Bernard Marx is a radical when he is alone or with Lenina and he constantly questions why society has to be the way it is.

     All in all, Aldous Huxley created a character in Bernard Marx that combines the conformity of the time with a sense of curiosity and desire for change. As a perfect example of “streaky bacon”, Bernard is an extremely relatable character that shows the reader the loss of self that can occur due to conformity. Huxley creates a doubleness of character while also creating a sense of irony through the moral standards of the novel and showing Bernard's reactions to these. In a very inhumane society, we see Bernard as an extremely human character. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Lindsey Wong- the best blog I've seen,  amazing work
Kylie Sagisi- all posts, plus a lot of extra personal stuff
Javi Solis- music player, all posts, extra, plus a lot of effort on every assignment
Sam Wellard - music player, all posts done with good effort
Kevin Lake- simple, understandable design
Izamar Diaz- not all posts, but the ones there are very good
Miranda Gomez- music player, all posts but a little unprofessional  
Erica Marquez- most posts done pretty well
10 Ricky Luna- few posts done well but blog conveys his personality well
11 Kendall Villa- boring design and no features, but posts are very good
12 Amanda Cagle- most posts done with good effort
13 Kristen Crockett- most posts done with good effort but way too unprofessional 
14 Lissette Villabolos- a lot of missing posts, extremely unprofessional
15 Maria Luna- a lot of missing posts, somewhat boring design and layout 
16 Nakesha Willis- no posts this semester 


My masterpiece is going very well, I have decided to collaborate with my classmate Kristen Crockett to make a very insightful video that will connect and compare our goals, dreams, and aspirations.
I think my writing is improving, at least I really hope it is.

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Football: the study of physics, psychology, biology, collaboration, the art of movement and most importantly communication

This course: the study of collaboration, communication, relationships, social media, mass media, technology

My masterpiece: the study of psychology, communication, collaboration, child development, ageism, growth, change, nurture vs. nature

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


   The undeniable truth is that students don't change their outlook on life or their perspective about the future when they are handed the diploma. However, this does not mean that a "slacker" in high school will be sure to fail at a university or in the work force. This being said, we need to use our high school careers to provide us with the most information possible.
   High school provides everyone with the opportunity to learn, excluding AP classes and electives, at the same level and for all intensive purposes, the same content. Because of this, some people like Teddy Wayne, find high school boring and instead of striving for success, they are content with apathy. The idea of a student not giving their all is a familiar concept and this is because we fear failure and in most people's minds it is better to not care than to fail. We need to utilize our gift of public education to learn as much as we can.
   In other cases such as Haley Berg, high school seems to be pointless since she already has a position at a major university locked up. This is also a rather sad situation to be in, to find any sort of learning undesirable is ridiculous and she should use her peace of mind to focus on the academic side of the high school experience.
   Life is finding the balance between not caring enough and becoming obsessed, between exhausting yourself and forgetting to try, and between learning and indulging. As a graduating senior, the only advice I can really give with any certainty is that you need to utilize your resources but don't let them consume you.

Monday, February 10, 2014


1. I am passionate about helping kids and anyone else who needs help.

2. I can utilize readings and documents that I find online to further my knowledge and teaching techniques.

3. To "feel the awesomeness with no regrets" I will need to feel that I have helped everyone I had the opportunity to help, to do this I must act.

4. I don't worry about impressing others, but to convince people that I really do care, I must be actively involved in the community.

5. These answers to these questions are all so similar, to move past "What if?", you need to stop asking questions and starting finding the answers.

6. Everyone that wants to be!