Monday, March 31, 2014


  We are led to believe that Macbeth is a soldier of great stature that will one day become king, we are directly told that he is a good man that should be respected. However, Shakespeare indirectly warns us to be wary of Macbeth's brutal capabilities.
   The witches tell us that "Fair is foul, foul is fair", that is some pretty blatant foreshadowing about how the rest of the play will be conducted.
   Macbeth is so far full of exposition where we learn who Macbeth is portrayed as (and indirectly who he really is) and how the supporting characters feel and act when they are around Macbeth or the three witches. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Monday, March 24, 2014


I have two experts that I have convenient access to.

Sherry Grant: Children and Family Ministries  Leader at OPC- she is the one who helped me get into Sunday School teaching, she is a really good resource who is good at her job and has been doing it for over twenty years.

Mr. Horton (6th grader teacher at Alice Shaw)- One of the teachers I had the pleasure to meet while I was at Outdoor School, he is very good at his job and helped me a lot that week and offered to help me more if I need it and I intend to take him up on his offer.


My goal for my masterpiece is to set me up for my future so test my masterpiece, there is really only one question to ask: "Is this setting me up for my future?"

Now this is question is actually very hard to answer (trust me I tried) so I broke it up into its basic components and answered those with those answers I was able to answer the big question.

How does this set me up for my future?

Who can help me set up my future?

Am I sure that I want this to be my future?

I answered these questions at home and now I can clearly see that my masterpiece is the right course of action and I am on the right path to make it successful.

Sunday, March 16, 2014


   Aldous Huxley created a character in John the Savage that was an extremely complex medley of passion, anger, and guilt. In John's eyes he was doing all that he could to live a normal life that could be considered "good". He found that it was more difficult to come across (and even more difficult to be) good in the World State and ultimately it was detrimental to his health that he decided to strive for a sense of goodness. The World State viewed him as an enemy that must be destroyed or banished, he was seen as evil and immoral to the characters whilst the readers viewed John as a relatable man of high moral standards, this juxtaposition is a unique blend that drove home Huxley's points effectively in Brave New World.
   John the Savage was full of passion, "he loved Lenina" a word that he did not take lightly or threw around casually. He passionately mourned his mother's death while other kids "pointed their chocolate..." and were sorry for the loss of phosphorus. Because of this passion we are able to relate to John more intimately because readers tend to view themselves as passionate rather than passive.
   We see the anger in John as he throws soma from the window, but the World State sees him as angry throughout the entire novel, because of this no one ( including Bernard) truly trusts him. We see this "immoral" behavior to be quite ironic because he is fighting drug abuse, a very noble fight in our society. But as readers we need to realize that anything against the World State is immoral therefore John is an angry and immoral person.
   John eventually kills himself because of his overwhelming guilt. Huxley magnificently crosses over the immorality of the World State and the immorality of our world in this act. Neither of our universes consider it acceptable to kill oneself, so when John the Savage's feet are hanging, we finally realize that John is actually immoral. Although he was our protagonist throughout the novel, we now see him as the World State did, wrong. We see him whip and kill others just before he turns the affliction on himself and John suddenly becomes immoral to us.
   Huxley created John the Savage to make us realize that our own views of immorality are warped and that we should not be so quick to pass judgement on to the World State. In Brave New World Huxley tears down walls that were never even thought about in his time period. When John the Savage was born, judgement had to die.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

AP Physics Course Hack

These two resources are really good

This video is a little lengthy for Khan Academy at 13 minutes, but it does a good job explaining this stuff in a different way than Mr. Rodriguez did.

Only a three page pdf file but it does a good job explaining the relation between gravitational potential energy and electric potential energy but the diving into the main topic in a very succinct way. 

Sunday, March 9, 2014


For my masterpiece I am collaborating with one of my classmates, Kristen Crockett, who has the same goals and interests as me when it comes to careers. For our masterpiece we are creating a video that answers the questions that we think are most pressing in the field of education. So far we have decided the questions we are going to ask, who we are going to ask, and have gathered our materials, and set dates for our interviews. All we need to do now is to conduct the interviews and edit the video (possibility for more collaboration?).

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Journals During Science Camp

During my week at The Outdoor School, I was able to take some time and reflect about my mentors, the qualities they had, which ones I wanted to emulate, those I wanted to discard, and most importantly, if I could teach for the rest of my life.